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cloudwi.re supports nearly every use case imaginable.  Whether traditional, or a little out there, our team and platform can help plan and design your integration or campaign.

Serving Nearly Every Use Case, Including……

Brands & Agencies

GO GO GO!  The agency Mantra.  cloudwi.re is used to fielding frantic calls from brand managers that want to quickly implement SMS-MMS campaigns…..yesterday.  Our advice? Sign-up and develop to the cloudwi.re SMS API.  cloudwi.re is consumption based pricing.  So why not make your life easier by laying the ground work to quickly scale an SMS-MMS initiative by having cloudwi.re at the ready.  With two memorable short codes (444999 & 345345) at the ready for keyword campaigns and a robust infrastructure that can support high message throughput you can show your Clients you were the right pick to spend their ad dollars.

Agencies large and small have trusted cloudwi.re to power SMS campaigns like “Project Drive-In” for Honda by RPA, “Tank 5” for Phillips-Conoco by SCA Interactive, the “Salt River Power Contest” by TMPG, the “Sapporo Sweepstakes” by Moosylvania, various Anheuiser Busch-NFL promotions by Rio Creative and much, much more.  Sign-up and integrate today and you’ll never have to panic again when creative decides on an SMS based promotion.


Keeping track of what subscriber’s opted-in where on just a single short code is a nightmare for any CRM developer.  Our intelligent 2-way messaging platform seamlessly ensures messages are routed to the proper sub-accounts taking the guesswork out of what subscriber belongs where. With the opt-in logic out of your hands, developers can focus on integrating SMS-MMS into your applications and instantly add a new revenue and feature base to your Cleints.  You can build and offer; Opt-in database growth through keyword marketing, campaigns, 2-Factor Authentication, SMS donation engines, Text and Picture based support and mass campaigning.

cloudwi.re currently powers SMS for muliple CRMs, each with hundreds of individual and unrelated sub-accounts.  Sign-up today to find out why companies like Dominion Dealer Solutions, CAR Research, GivBee, HemaTerra and Text2Give choose cloudwi.re to power SMS messenging in their CRM Applications

High Throttle Alerts

Volume based alerts are a cinch with cloudwi.re.  The SMS API lets you spin up a campaign with only ONE call to the API by sending the mobile numbers and the alert to cloudwi.re in an array.  Then sit back and let our short code stack do it’s job.  With two campaign queues running constantly, cloudwi.re can deliver alerts at up to 450 messages per second.  And you can track back for delivery status if your alerts are urgent.

cloudwi.re is trusted by companies like Text America to handle SMS alerts regarding the Flint Water Crisis, Lokdown to send first responder SMS communications, DealRay to send up to the second airline fare deals, Market Alert to send important securities trade advice, RunSignUp to send marathon sign-up and results alerts and Crestron to send home automation and security alerts to their Clients.  Sign-up today and find out why you cloudwi.re should be handling your alert traffic too!


cloudwi.re welcomes those hard working, door-to-door knockers that roll cole into businesses ready to boost their bottom line with all of the latest marketing tools.  The cloudwi.re platform gives those warriors the tools they need to build compliant opt-in lists and then convert those opt-ins to dollars for their Clients.  Whether you work with mom-pop restaurants, car parts dealers, salons or bars, we can help.  Keyword marketing tools can build those opt-in lists.  And subscriber intelligence tools can help you gain insight on who is texting your Clients for follow-on email, social media and snail mail marketing.  Do you develop too?  Build things like table waiting notifications, reservation reminders or loyalty picture apps to integrate into your own marketing applications.

cloudwi.re has helped small and sole proprietor businesses.  It’s where we started.  We power SMS for marketing based warrior applications like Textiful.  We power SMS for loyalty based warriors promoting loyalty initiatives like Indy Deals and Simperks. cloudwi.re is the backbone of networking Apps like KeynectUp.  Sign-up today and find out why!



Large events and conferences are tough to plan and execute.  cloudwi.re can simplify life by running as, or in compliment to your event App.  The cloudwi.re platform will let you build what you imagine.  You can easily build SMS-MMS registration engines.  But that’s easy.  The cloudwi.re platform is built to handle any use case.  Use keywords to guide your attendees through agendas or entertainment schedules.  Use compliant opt-in logic to build live polling or auction based Apps.  And get feedback on your event through mass campaigns or keyword triggers.  Engage your audience with social participation using inbound MMS.  The only limit is your creativity.

cloudwi.re is trusted year after year by small and large event organizers.  Whether it’s powering registration for Adobe Max, sending participant wide alerts for The Orange Conference or conducting keyword based agenda updates for conferences put on by Adroiti Technologies and CE Seminars, cloudwi.re can make your next event fun and efficient.

Contact us today to discuss how the cloudwi.re SMS API can make a difference for your big event!


For over ten years, cloudwi.re has been serving Clients with our SMS products.  We’ve seen so many unique and innovative uses cases applied to SMS we can’t keep track.  The cloudwi.re platform is the base plate of your creative ideas, advertisements and integrations.  It’s fast, flexible and intelligent.  We love nothing more then to take our time to walk through your use case and work with your development staff to make sure your integration is as efficient as possible.  We can help build flow charts with your analysts.  We’ve seen just about everything and we serve just about anything.

The cloudwi.re SMS API powers SMS for all types of businesses and all types of use cases.  Sign-up today and find out why cloudwi.re powers SMS sign-up and purchase alerts for Mercari, pre-paid debit card payment notifications for Praxell, MMS dating for Jess, Meet Ken, consumer surveys for Frito-Lay by Decision Analyst, driver trip notifications for My Red Cap, mobile giving for Columbia University and much, much more!

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