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A beautifully documented, full-featured short code SMS API and User Interface providing blazing fast throttle, guaranteed 2-way messaging and much more.

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Why is SMS Compliance Important?

cloudwi.re automates TCPA compliance for our Clients.  The mobile crowd is fickle and they regard their phones as their temple giving their devices more face time then their families receive.  Violating that sanctuary creates anger and it could also violate Federal laws.  cloudwi.re blocks messaging to new or opted-out subscribers.  They must go through the opt-in process to receive messaging.  STOP and HELP replies are automated cloudwi.re as well.  Send your traffic to those who want it.  And when they don’t, the cloudwi.re platform will manage that for you.

Can cloudwi.re help my bulk campaigns?

The cloudwi.re platform is built to accommodate getting messages out to large subscriber lists quickly and efficiently.  Each of our 2-way communication short codes are throttled at 200 messages per second.  By load balancing all of your subscribers on the stack of short codes we can maximize throttle by constantly holding open two campaign queues that can deliver a combined 450 messages per second.  And sticky sender means your subscribers will always receive their traffic on the same short code.

How do you guarantee 2-way messaging?

cloudwi.re guarantees 2-way messaging with a stack of short and long codes.  When a subscriber is opted-in by a store, they are binded to a short or long code for the life of that opt-in.  Essentially, it’s a sticky sender.  All communication with that subscriber will always occur on the same code.  If that same subscriber opts-in to another store, cloudwi.re will assign a new short or long code to make the unique bind.  It’s all in the sauce!

What can IBM Watson do for my App?

Want to know what your subscriber’s sentiment is when they send you a message?  Now you can!  IBM Watson message sentiment is included in every single inbound message to the cloudwi.re platform.  If you are building a support or survey application or run a CRM, IBM Watson Message Sentiment can help you flag and escalate positive and negative subscriber responses for escalation.  They payload includes a sentiment score and a sentiment type.  Happy Customers are Happy Bottom Lines!

Can you host my short code?

Absolutely.  cloudwi.re hosts several short codes for Clients who want access to all keywords.  We can set up your short code to be the sticky sender code in all communications, or we can use it like our keyword short codes to take advantage of our send throttle.  It’s really up to you.  There is no charge for keywords on your dedicated short code.  Simply hosting and messaging.  You are additionally responsible for the CSCA monthly lease fees.  Contact us to learn more.

Tell me more about the API?

It’s fast, furious and well documented. The cloudwi.re SMS API is a RESTful API that speaks JSON. Comprising of nearly 30 methods, the API can quickly set-up new stores and opt-in and responder keywords for fast deployments. Compliance is built-in and we’ve hooked up all the latest in messaging and subscriber intelligence.

Can cloudwi.re help my keyword campaigns?

Of course!  cloudwi.re maintains two keyword short codes for your keyword campaigns.  They are the memorable 444999 and 345345.  cloudwi.re offers two keyword types.  A responder type keyword, which allows ONE reply to a subscriber and are typically used for coupons, offers, maps or link distribution.  The second is an opt-in keyword type.  When a subscriber initiates this type of keyword, cloudwi.re automates the opt-in confirmation message and opens a channel for 2-Way, recurring messaging, between your store and the subscriber.  Additionally, cloudwi.re supports keywords with spaces and keyword wildcarding.

I'm not a developer. Do you have an Interface?

Not a developer?  That’s ok!  We are happy to help.  Although we do not offer a white label solution at this time, for warriors or mom & pops that wish to use a web interface to add keywords and send SMS cloudwi.re can help.  Nearly every feature included in our SMS API is at your fingertips in the cloudwi.re Go Fasters portal.  That includes most subscriber intelligence tools.  So rest easy and build your opt-in lists with confidence.

What is subscriber intelligence?

cloudwi.re’s subscriber intelligence tools provide our Clients with two methods to retrieve real-time data on their subscriber base.  Carrier ID-Number Type lookups allow for list scrubbing and better MMS delivery insight.  And who-is lookups provide insight on subscriber name, address, demographics, known email addresses and social media handles and followers providing multiple follow-up opportunities for closing the deal.

What is message intelligence?

cloudwi.re’s intelligent message routing system checks the carrier ID of any outbound message request and determines whether a short code or long code delivery is best.  Additionally, MMS sent to unsupported carriers is converted to a URL and sent as an SMS to further increase deliverability.  Although cloudwi.re is primarily built for USA short code SMS, many international locations are supported.  Give us your message and TO number and the SMS API will select the best short or long code to send the traffic on.

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