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Automated Compliance

cloudwi.re is built to keep you compliant.  Choose single or double opt-in when messaging your subscribers.  Rest easy that messaging is blocked to opted-out subscribers.  The SMS API goes further by automating STOP and HELP replies and managing the double opt-in process for you.

Twilio Preferred Partner

Twilio, the leader in cloud communications, chose cloudwi.re as a premier partner for their Clients who need to quickly develop and deploy US short code SMS campaigns and Applications.  You can rest assured that both large and small campaigns can be reliably delivered on the back of the Twilio infrastructure.

High Throttle Short Code Stack

cloudwi.re’s patent utilizes a five short code stack to guarantee 2-way communication between you and your subscribers.  There are no timing algorithms or single use short code.  It also allows cloudwi.re to host two campaign queues that can deliver a combined 500 messages per second.

IBM Watson Inside

cloudwi.re utilizes IBM Watson to check ALL inbound messages to your account for message sentiment.  Build CRM and support apps that flag positive and negative sentiment to quickly escalate customer issues.  It is included in the cost of inbound SMS.

Message Deliverability

cloudwi.re’s intelligent message routing system checks the carrier ID of any outbound message request and determines whether a short code or long code delivery is best.  Additionally, MMS sent to unsupported carriers is converted to a URL and sent as an SMS to further increase deliverability.

Subscriber Intelligence

Unlock the mystery behind your subscriber base.  The cloudwi.re SMS API provides a carrier ID lookup for list scrubbing.  Additionally, a subscriber intelligence lookup is available where you can learn the name, address, demographics and social media presence of your subscribers.