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Documentation & Consumption

cloudwi.re utilizes postman and Mashape products for API learning.  Also available is a complete library of methods via Rapid API.

cloudwi.re makes extensive use of the Postman Rest Client for documentation.  Postman makes learning the cloudwi.re API easier and can provide developers with sample code in over 20 software languages.  Download the Postman rest client here.  Then you can click the image logo to access the cloudwi.re short code API documentation.  You can then install that into your Postman client and make live calls to the cloudwi.re API……all in a matter of a few minutes.  Additionally, we’ve made it even easier for developers.  Read our documentation to learn how to set-up a postman environment to remove the need for copying and pasting IDs and variables.


cloudwi.re is a fan of Mashape products.  If you are familiar with Mashape then you probably know about Rapid API.  Rapid API allows you to access thousands of APIs without customizing to the various vendor particulars.  It’s essentially one big API wrapper that reduces your code base and makes API learning easier and reduces dev time.  The entire cloudwi.re short code API is listed in the Rapid API marketplace and can be accessed here.  You must sign-up to cloudwi.re first.  Then sign-up with, or access the cloudwi.re short code API through your Rapid API credentials.

Gelato.IO is another Mashape product that cloudwi.re takes advantage of.  Although this product will soon be deprecated, we list it here because our docs are still published there and makes for easier reading.  There are also a ton of guides written to help you better understand the cloudwi.re short code API and all of the particular nuances with SMS in general.  You can access the documentation of the API here.  The guides can be accessed here.